Star Pilot - Robert Pruitt (NEW)
Star Pilot

The notion of black identity has been complicated and largely misunderstood. We control neither the construction nor the distribution of our varied and multilayered stories of self. I am attempting to disrupt the existing narratives with my own. Some of this is done through sculptures, videos, photography, and other media, but primarily through drawing.

These drawings are patchwork, counter images to the reductive examples of blackness that prevail in various forms of popular media and culture around the globe. The characters that make up these drawings are drawn from my interest in science fiction, comic books. history, Hip Hop, and fresh fashion styles. They are portraits of friends and neighbors and possess an unspoken description of resistance. These works, out of necessity, speak from a dichotomy of both a western art language and a black popular expression, as this is the duality in which I operate. I work from and seek to reference forms that are relevant to both spaces. 

Artist Bio

Artist and sculptor, Robert Pruitt was born in Houston, Texas. He received his BFA from Texas Southern University and an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a founding member of the Houston artist collective Otabenga Jones & Asso...

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