Untitled (Grey) - Richard Hunt
Untitled (Grey)

Hunt's works, whether sculptural or 2-dimensional maintain a strong focus on nature and natural forms. In his sculpture, Hunt uses material expression to draw out the connection between technology and nature. In Hunt’s prints, he uses the surface of the page to investigate spatial relationships and forms.

From the Artist:

    “One of the central themes in my work is the reconciliation of the organic and the industrial. I see my work as forming a kind of bridge between what we experience in nature and what we experience from the urban, industrial, technology-driven society we live in. I like to think that within the work . . . there is a resolution of the tensions between the sense of freedom one has in contemplating nature and the sometimes restrictive, closed feeling engendered by the rigors of the city.”

Richard Hunt, quoted in Samella S. Lewis, African American Art and Artists (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2003, 209).

Artist Bio

Sculptor Richard Hunt, from Chicago, Illinois earned his BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. Hunt has been the recipient of the Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship and the Tamarind Artists Fellowship. His work has been exhibited widely at seve...

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Untitled (Grey)

Richard Hunt

African American

Silk Screen




22" x 30"

Edition Size

32 prints in this edition


Robert Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA