Teacher's Guide-Lesson Plans: Full Spectrum: Prints from the Brandywine Workshop
About the Work

The exhibition Full Spectrum: Prints from the Brandywine Workshop celebrates the fortieth anniversary of Philadelphia's Brandywine Workshop and the workshop's gift of one hundred prints to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in memory of the Museum's late director Anne d'Harnoncourt. The workshop promotes printmaking as a fine art and supports the participation of visual artists and audiences of diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Cultural identity, political and social issues, portraiture, landscape, patterning, and pure abstraction are among the subjects highlighted in the exhibition, on view at the Museum from September 7 through November 25, 2012.

Twelve prints from Full Spectrum are featured in this resource designed for students and teachers. Through this resource, we hope to encourage them to explore issues of identity, both personal and cultural, as expressed by different artists. In addition, we aim to inspire an examination of works of art that reaches across academic disciplines, in alignment with the Common Core State Standards (www.co restandards.org). Finally, we'd like to shine a light on the Brandywine Workshop, an internationally recognized printmaking institution and art resource located in the city of Philadelphia.

This resource was developed primarily for use with high school students before, after, or instead of visiting the exhibition. Teachers may adapt the materials for younger groups.


  • Connections to educational standards
  • An introduction to the Brandywine Workshop
  • Information about twelve artists and artworks featured in the exhibition
  • Curriculum connections with suggested projects and activities for each artwork
  • Worksheet templates and printmaking activities for classroom use
  • A glossary of art terms


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Teacher's Guide-Lesson Plans: Full Spectrum: Prints from the Brandywine Workshop




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