Hagar's Dress - Janet Taylor-Picket (NEW)
Hagar's Dress

Hagar's Dress is among a suite of works by Taylor Pickett that reference the Middle Passage -- the route by which African captives were transported across the Atlantic as cargo for profit -- invoking that particular history and other of life's passages and crossings. These images by Taylor Pickett use garments, notably dresses, as metaphors or carriers of identity and life story. The dress becomes the corporeal  body for Pickett's larger narrative. In Hagar’s Dress, an iconic image of human cargo on a slave ship is used like a block-print to animate and ornament the surface plane that courses over the yellow dress-as-portal image. For the artist, Hagar’s dress embodies both the ancestral and the personal. Its title conjures the biblical figure Hagar.

Artist Bio

Janet Taylor Pickett is a painter and printmaker born in Ann Arbor, MI. She earned her BFA and MFA from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design, Ann Arbor. Taylor Pickett continued her studies at Parsons School of Design and the Fash...

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